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Vitacomplex is a meso cocktail for revitalizing of the skin. VITACOMPLEX has been especially designed to be mixed with any other mesoEXPERT solution to combine the revitalizing action of VITACOMPLEX to the specific action of the other solutions of the range.

With its 56 ingredients, VITACOMPLEX is a nutritional and revitalizing medium containing all the metabolites essential for stimulation, growth and regeneration of human skin tissue.

VITACOMPLEX provides the skin with supplements or complements of various elements interacting on skin metabolism:

•  10 Vitamins, and in particular vitamins B, to prevent deficiencies and to ensure the regulation of the biological metabolisms.
•  21 Amino acids, as structural elements for the proteins, enabling the restructuring or repair of damaged skin tissues.
•  13 Minerals to boost the various cellular activities while at the same time maintaining the osmotic pressure of the biological tissues and the ionic interactions responsible for the structuring of the tissues.


•  Anti ageing.
•  To restore dry and lifeless skin.
•  To restore “stressed” skin, with chronic fatigue syndrome.
•  Post laser treatment.

VITACOMPLEX is particularly recommended:

For dry and devitalized skin.
To prevent first signs of aging.
As a base for any other aesthetic mesotherapy solution.

Areas of application:

Face, neck, neckline, body, scalp.

All MesoExpert products are produced in Belgium, in own laboratory and have their own European CPNP registration number.

The pack consists of:

10 Vials x 5ml