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This hyaluronic acid cocktail is designed to prevent ageing, increasing of skin hydro reserve, eliminate epidermal wrinkles, improve skin tone and elasticity.

The molecular weight of 2.0_2.2 million Da provides powerful skin hydration immediately after the procedure, and also increases the period of biodegradation of Hydractive hyaluronic acid in the skin up to 21 days, which means a more prolonged presence and effect on the dermis.


•  For the restoration of moisture, health and «radiance of youth» of the skin.
•  Post-acne (stagnant spots, pigmentation).

HYDRACTIVE can therefore be used preventively but also for treatment in the following cases:

•  Loss of glow, dull, tired skin. In the majority of cases, these symptoms are related to problems of asphyxia of the skin resulting from pollution, smoking and/or hormonal problems.
•  Loss of tone, elasticity and volume resulting from the slowing down of the synthesis of the elastin and collagen fibres related to ageing.
•  Superficial lines and wrinkles.
•  Dry, irritated, sensitive skin.
•  Photoageing.

HYDRACTIVE can be used in the face, neck, neckline, and on the back of the hands. It can be used in association with combined anti-ageing techniques.

HYDRACTIVE is also indicated in addition to VITACOMPLEX and/or MesoLIFTER to provide hydration and facilitate diffusion of the active ingredients.


Sodium chloride Hyaluronic acid.

All MesoExpert products are produced in Belgium, in own laboratory and have their own European CPNP registration number.

The pack consists of:

10 Vials x 5ml