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Collagenase Active : The enzyme management of cellulite.
Active ingredients selection : Hyaluronic Acid, Collagenase I and II, Mannitol.

General benefits:

  • Highest quality individual ingredients

  • Highly tolerable with minimal side-effects

  • Extensive Selection of active ingredients

  • Unique formulas

  • The use of over 80 different active ingredients

  • Sterilized by Filtration

  • No destruction of active ingredients by heat processes

  • A Septic Production

  • Post production testing

  • Protocols for each indication

  • Good price/quality  level

MesoExpert can be used with:

•Micro needling

•Derma rolling


•Oxygen therapy

•Cryo therapy

•Meso Masks

•In combination with Enriched Plasma and other (traditional) techniques.

Quality and Safety
Manufacturing of mesoEXPERT solutions is based on the rigorous standards of

pharmaceutical production and complies with the Good Manufacturing Practices .

Each manufacturing process is strictly controlled at each stage, from pharmaceutical grade raw materials supply to batch release, to ensure high quality and safety standards, including sterility of the products.


World innovation leader during many years, efficacy and tolerance of the mesoEXPERT range have already convinced hundreds of thousands mesotherapy specialists and patients all around the world.

The range of mesoEXPERT products is the result of the latest advances in biotech-nology and cosmeceuticals science. Researchers and physicians have applied their knowledge and expertise in skin metabolism to develop highly specific formulations with recognized therapeutic benefits.