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Κωδικός προϊόντος: 60.104.0001 Κατηγορία:
Peeling based on glycolic acid with excellent penetrating properties. Due to the small particle size and its high activity, it provides deep skin remodelling and excellent dermoplastic properties. Glycolic Peel has a positive effect on the metabolism and structure of the skin, stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastin, and replenishes endogenous hyaluronic acid. Long-term use leads to the reconstruction of elastic fibres and improvement of skin elasticity and thickness. Thanks to these rebuilding properties, the peeling is an effective solution to fight wrinkles, scars, and skin atrophy. Its excellent keratolytic effect also cleanses the sebaceous glands, seboregulation and reduces blackheads. Along with the stimulation of the renewal of the epidermis, melanin clumps are removed, and discoloration is depigmented. The multi-directional and optimized action of Glycolic Peel makes the skin radiant, visibly rejuvenated, and free of any imperfections.


• flabby skin with progressive ageing
• photoaging
• wrinkles
• problematic skin with acne lesions
acne scars
• uneven skin and enlarged pores
• post-solar and inflammatory discoloration
• hyperkeratosis


• thickening the structure and firmness of the skin
• stimulation of collagen and elastin synthesis
• eliminating wrinkles and signs of ageing
• smoothing scars and shrinking pores
• reduction of seborrhoea and acne lesions
• removal of horny masses and skin cleansing
• eliminating discoloration and even skin tone


• PRE-PEEL SPRAY 1 – preparing preparation 50ml
• GLYCOLIC PEEL 2 – glycol peeling 50ml
• NEUTRALIZING GEL 3 – neutralizing preparation 50ml
• Acid brush
• Measuring cup dispenser


Glycolic acid (35%) – AHA acid with the smallest molecule. It has strong exfoliating and dermoplastic properties. It stimulates fibroblasts to produce collagen, glycosaminoglycans and elastin, which
reduces wrinkles and improves skin firmness. Intensively exfoliates, removing pigmentation changes. It cleanses the sebaceous glands, where it breaks down the residual corneocytes, thus inhibiting the development of acne.

DIVES MED Glycolic Peel 35% should not be used in the case of:
– Pregnancy and lactation
– Bacterial and fungal infection within the treatment site
– Viral skin infection, e.g., active herpes, flat warts Skin lesions and open wounds – dermatological therapies with isotretinoin and vitamin A derivatives (up to 12 months after the end of treatment)
– Hypersensitivity or allergy to any component of the preparation
– Active autoimmune diseases
– Acute and chronic dermatoses and skin diseases
– Active rosacea
– Cancer, treatment with chemotherapy or radiation therapy
-Tendency to hypertrophic scars and keloids

DIVES MED Glycolic Peel 35% is intended only for professional use by doctors and specialists in medicine and aesthetic cosmetics. Before using the acid, clean the skin and degrease it with PREPEEL LOTION SPRAY 1. Protect the eyes with moist compresses, and the delicate areas (mouth
corner, eyelids, nasal pads) with greasy ointment or petroleum jelly. Pour about 2.5-5 ml GLYCOLIC PEEL 2 into the measuring cup, depending on the size of the treatment area. Apply the poured solution evenly, in a thin layer, using a brush. Use according to the table depending on the type and sensitivity of the skin, as well as indications and the desired depth of penetration. In order to soothe the skin and raise its pH, apply the NEUTRALIZING GEL 3 neutralizing preparation to the dry skin for 2-5 minutes, and then rinse the whole thing with plenty of cold water. Finish the treatment with a protective cream from the DIVES MED – GLOBAL REGENERATION line, which will reduce the feeling of possible irritation and discomfort.

Depending on the procedure used and the individual characteristics of the patient’s skin, peeling may lead to irritation, redness and peeling of the skin. In the event of an unexpected reaction or excessive skin irritation, immediately apply DIVES MED-NEUTRALIZING GEL 3 and leave it for 4-5 minutes, then rinse with plenty of cold water.

To obtain optimal treatment results and safe convalescence:
– do not apply makeup until 12 hours after the treatment
– immediately after the treatment, avoid exposure to natural or artificial ultraviolet radiation and use the sauna and swimming pools
– use rich regenerating creams and high UV filters, e.g., DIVES MED – GLOBAL PROTECTION SPF 50
– in the event of a keratolytic effect, do not remove or tear off the flakes of the peeling skin
– do not use other peeling agents or substances with irritating properties until the skin is completely recuperated

– Read the package leaflet before use.
– The preparation is intended only for professional use by doctors and specialists in medicine and aesthetic cosmetics.
– Before performing the procedure, it is absolutely necessary to conduct a medical interview, rule out contraindications and obtain informed consent for the procedure.
– The product is highly irritating to the skin and mucous membranes. May cause chemical eye damage. Avoid contact with eyes. In the event of contact with the eyes, immediately rinse them with cold water until the burning sensation subsides and immediately see an ophthalmologist.
– Before starting the application procedure, it is necessary to protect your eyes. Patients with contact lenses should be advised to remove them.
– Do not use on birthmarks, tattoos, and permanent makeup.
– Use only on Fitzpatrick skin types I-IV.
– Product for external use. Do not inject or eat.
– Keep out of the reach of children.
– Do not use the product after the expiry date and if the bottle has been damaged or incorrectly stored.
– Incorrect or inconsistent with the manufacturer’s recommendations may lead to complications and side effects.

Do not use the product after the expiry date and if the packaging is damaged or has been improperly stored. Store the product in its original packaging at a temperature of 15-25°C, protect it from freezing and direct sunlight. Keep out of the reach of children.