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Advanced peptide concentrate on reducing adipose tissue

LipoShoock+ is a concentrate of the most potent lipolytic substances for reducing excessive fat tissue and body shaping. It causes enzymatic apoptosis of adipocytes and damage to cell membranes, leading to an effective reduction of local adipose mass and smoothing the body structure. The content of the highest permitted concentration of phosphatidylcholine, additionally enriched with deoxycholic acid, guarantees quick and spectacular effects of reducing the tissue circumference. Formula enhanced with L-Carnitine, accelerating the metabolism of released fatty acids and optimising the effectiveness of the therapy. Recognition to the content of hydrogenated lecithin and oligopeptides, LipoShoock additionally conditions the tissues, leaving them smooth, firm and visibly slimmer.


Phosphatidylcholine (5%) – The most durable substance that emulsifies adipose tissue, increases the permeability of the cell membrane and facilitates the excretion of excess fat from the body.

Sodium deoxycholate (2.5%) – Degrades adipocyte cell membranes, allows for faster breakdown of released triglycerides.

L-carnitine (1%) -Accelerates the transport and metabolism of released triglycerides and their excretion from the body.

Cartilage jelly extract – Improves circulation and drainage of tissues, has a firming and collagen synthesising effect, recommended for skin flabbiness and stretch marks.

Phytosterols – Consist lipophilic effect, reduce the level of saturated fatty acids

Soybean oil – A strong antioxidant rich in vitamin E, a conditioning factor

Hydrogenated lecithin – Improves the appearance of sagging skin by improving the tension and elasticity of collagen fibres.

Sh- Oligopeptyd 2 – Reduces and prevents skin sagging and sagging, synthesises the collagen frame and skin supporting proteins, reduces the burning effect


  • Face and body lipolysis
  • Reduction in the volume of adipose tissue
  • Improving the contours of the face and body
  • Improvement of skin tension, density and firmness
  • Reduction of fatty cellulite
  • Eliminating skin flaccidity
  • Improvement of lipid metabolism
  • Reducing the tendency to accumulate adipose tissue at the treatment site
  • Reduction of lipomas
  • Reduction gynecomastia in men


We use LipoShoock + in the therapy of local fat accumulation for lipolytic purposes in places such as:

Face , Chin and jawline ,Arms , Upper and lower abdomen , Male breast tissue , Thighs and buttocks , Knee area,Tissue after surgical liposuction


  • removal of excess body fat
  • reducing body circumference
  • improvement of skin firmness and elasticity
  • local slimming


Apply to cleansed skin until the desired effect is obtained.

Do not exceed 30 ml of the product per treatment. Before performing the procedure, it is necessary to conduct a medical interview, rule out contraindications and obtain informed consent to complete the process, and inform the patient of possible results, contraindications and possible side effects.

4-8 treatments should be performed at 21-28 days intervals to acquire acceptable and enduring impacts

Incorrect or inconsistent with the manufacturer’s recommendations may lead to complications and side effects.