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Κωδικός προϊόντος: 60.100.0004 Κατηγορία:

DIVES MED – Lips 1ml

A unique filler dedicated to lip modelling and contouring. The reduced concentration of hyaluronic acid allows for a natural correction and a gentle enhancement of the volume of the labial red, without changing its geometry. Thanks to the patented „Safe Core” technology, it has an exceptionally plastic and smooth texture that allows perfect distribution in the skin and obtaining a natural effect.


• modelling of the labial red
• improvement and enhancement of the contour
• restoring the volume of the lips lost with age
• moisturizing and revitalizing the lips
• eliminating smoker’s wrinkles
• lifting the corners, correction of medium-deep wrinkles
• filling nasolabial furrows
• levelling puppet lines
• modelling and contouring of the labia
• correction of smoker’s wrinkles
• lifting the corners of the mouth


• optimal acid concentration for natural effects
• extraordinary plasticity enabling smooth and precise implantation
• pharmaceutical acid quality and advanced production technology
• the patented Safe Core technology increases the plasticity of the preparation, while maintaining optimal filling properties
• extended biodegradation time by using only long and regularly arranged acid chains with a concentrically protected nucleus
• marked with the medical certificate CE0297 and ISO 13485